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Welcome to Khmereasyshop.com ​ Online marketplace, advertising website and network marketing business!
This page will describe the Terms & Conditions which apply to use our service. This condition is an agreement between you and khmereasyshop.com

Khmereasyshop.com reserves the right to change terms & condition at any time. Regularly check this page to get information change. Please read these terms carefully.

1. Account registration

Before starting to register in our system, you need to ensure that personal information you provide to us is correct and complete. Valid documents to register include identification or licensing officials or passport or driving license. You must have a bank account in order to simplify the payment (can fill later).

You must update your personal data if there is any change. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, especially each time on the computer to prevent hacking into your account from someone. You are responsible for all transactions that occur in your account. Khmereasyshop.com reserves the right to deny access to the website, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, which is our decision.

2. About function of Account

Khmereasyshop.com divided three different accounts:

                 2.1. User: Refers to people who register on the website Khmereasyshop.com themselves free of charge via the button ‘Register’ on the right hand side of the front page. This user account can only buy-sell products, but no commission back.

                 2.2. Member: Refers to the account that registers from affiliate member as a membership by paying only once. After register already, all members can get profit from phone top-up, shopping bonus, and team referral bonus.

                 2.3. Merchant: refers to those who already have a member account and wish to set up shop owner to sell products or service in a separate website Khmereasyshop.com. The owner of this Account can create shop by buttons “Create shop” and more likely to have their own website too. Merchant account is required to pay an annual fee.

                 (User ==> member ==> merchant)

3. About Products

Khmereasyshop.com provide to online marketplace for buying and selling goods for free and everywhere. So, any commodities or products sold on Khmereasyshop.com portions of the member do not belong to Khmereasyshop.com. Khmereasyshop.com is not responsible for any decisions or product’s quality or merchandise. And links to websites on each commodity is not the responsibility of Khmereasyshop.com. The seller is responsible for their product’s quality and any implications for buyers or Government rules.

So, to keep the value, Khmereasyshop.com offer you the following Terms & conditions below:

                 – Legal goods (do not affect consumer’s health)
                 – Describe your goods clearly
                 – Responsible for your products to consumer
                 – Product’s price is suitable to market price.
                 – Must ensure that your products are in stock
                 – Product’s image must be good & available for 5 of JPEG, JPG, PNG (image size: 620                  pixels (width) x 500 pixels (height).
Khmereasyshop.com reserves the right to delete any products or account that Contrast to our terms & condition.

4. The ban

Khmereasyshop.com not allow you to show internal policy, brand, logo and the name of Khmereasyshop.com (Khmer Easy) on social networks like Facebook etc, without permission from Khmereasyshop.com

Khmereasyshop.com reserves the right to deny access to the website, terminate accounts, remove or edit any content that is our decision.

Last update, 02 May 2018)

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