Khmer​ Easy is a local business and online service in Cambodia. We have a big online marketplace for helping Khmer people to buy and sale their products or services. Otherwise, All member of Khmer Easy can advertise their business or service in our website for free. And addition, we allow all user or member can make money from our services or projects.
We allow all user or member can make much money from our services or projects by:
1. Recruit new people,
2. Team top-up phone bonus,
3. Team shopping bonus,
4. and others benefits.

Our Services

we have  four main services are processing now:

  1. Online Marketplace Service
  2. Online Phone top-up Service
  3. Online Advertising Service
  4. Tutoring Service

1. Khmer Easy Shop

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Khmer Easy Shop is an Online marketplace,  online Shopping , and Advertising service in Cambodia. This platform allow all users can:

  1. Can create own store.
  2. Post ads product.
  3. Promote Logo or banner.
  4. buy & sell something on the bed.
  5. Advertise own business or service.
  6. Earn money from recruit shop owner(merchant) and phone top-up

2.Tutoring Service

This is a home teaching service. Khmer Easy has good tutoring service in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our teacher are full of experiences for many years ago. They are teaching at public  and private school. We ensure to improve student’s knowledge quickly . We teach from grade 1 to grade 12 students in major subjects such as Khmer, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and French, English  Thai Spanish Korean Japanese and Chinese language.


The study is very important in your life. Therefore, do your best to study for your future life, families and society. Please remember, learning is an investment of intellectual resource from childhood until adolescence and continue forever. If you stop learning, you’ll become illiteracy. Do not let your potential has passed away!

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